The partnership between Emme Due (Trento), leader in video productions, and Elifriulia (Ronchi dei Legionari – Gorizia) leader in helicopter services, gives birth to Elivideo, a company which offers the best way to film airborne.


Elivideo proposes the R44 Newscopter: a fully equipped flying tv studio for broadcasting which permits to host on board a reporter and a video technician. It is a really flying ob-van!

We have successfully used the Newscopter for sport events such as La Barcolana (Trieste), La Ciaspolada (Trentino), Match Race Bmw (Portofino), for natural documentaries and spots.

Nowadays Emme Due is a company specialized in high definition editing and in high definition video productions (HDTV).


Thanks to this experience, Elivideo is working in order to give birth, to a Newscopter equipped with high definition technologies for the management of audio – video signal.

Reliable, safe and quiet, the Newscopter is always ready for instant departure.